Links to other Penyes

Many of our Penya members have been away from home, both within the U.S. and abroad, on FC Barcelona game days.  Here are links to other Penyes that our members have discovered where they have enjoyed watching our team with fellow penyistas.  We will regularly update this list based on recommendations from our members. 

No matter where you travel there is a good chance you can find an FC Barcelona supporters club.  As of this time, the Club reports there are 1,283 officially sanctioned supporters clubs around the world: 456 in Catalonia, 700 elsewhere in Spain, and 127 in the rest of the world.  This list contains only the Penyes that are officially sanctioned by FC Barcelona.  If you are traveling, then we recommend that do not rely on this list alone as you will find there are places like Chicago that has a Penya but that it is not formally recognized as such by the Club.

On Facebook, you can follow the page for the FC Barcelona Penyes in the CONCACAF federation [The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football].


Barcelona [Why list a Penya in Barcelona? Some of us have been in Barcelona during away games. This Penya has always welcomed penyistas from DC.]Penya Barcelonista Joan Gamper located at Bodega Joan Cerveseria-Braseria, C/Roselló 164, 08036 Barcelona
New York CityPenya FC Barcelona New York City located at Smithfield Hall NYC, 138 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001
San FranciscoPenya Barcelonista San Francisco located at South Beach Cafe, 800 Embarcadero St., San Francisco 94107
Vienna AustriaPenya Barcelonista de Viena. Location varies based on the game.
Mexico City