Penya chartered bus to FedEx Field

Penya Barcelonista Washington DC reserved a bus to provide transportation to/from FedEx Field for the Wednesday July 26, 2017 FC Barcelona International Champions Cup match against Manchester United.

This transportation opportunity is for Penya Supporting Members and their guests for a nominal fee ($5/person).  Space will be limited to 32 passengers.  Sign up for the bus will be handled during the remaining matches of this season (Sunday May 21 and Saturday May 27) at Elephant and Castle.  Please speak to a Penya board member to reserve your spot.

If after the last match of the season there are any remaining, unreserved seats on the bus, then we will notify Penya Supporting Members about how to reserve any remaining spaces.

On July 26, the bus will depart at 4:00PM from the BestBus Dupont Circle bus stop at Massachusetts Ave NW and 20th St NW.   Soon after the game, the bus will depart FedEx Field for the return trip to Dupont Circle.